Essentials for Netherlands

Netherlands is a flat country, literally speaking. It has fields and fields of farmland, forestry and agriculture. So, it’s not surprising that it’s well-known for its tulips, windmills, wooden clog shoes and porcelain couple in traditional costumes. Here, I’d love to share some tips on the essentials when on a short or long trip to Netherlands:

1. Weather forecast
The Netherlands has very fertile flat lands for growing crops and flowers, thanks to its wet weather. It rains a lot here. Therefore, it’s vital to have updates on the weather. Best website is It’s a great site which shows the weather radar live. You can track how the weather will progress so hopefully you can avoid being caught in the rain. Sometimes, it rains so long that it’s helpful to check the least rain time window. Here comes tip 2.

2. Raingear
Make sure to get a full set of raingear especially when outdoors walking or cycling unless you plan to drive or stay indoors. Umbrellas are not so useful for cycling due to the windy. Oh, gum boots or waterproof boots are of course nice to have if you don’t want to have wet feet.

3. Windbreaker and warm clothing
A jacket will not keep one warm in windy conditions. Therefore, one needs to have a windproof jacket as well.

For long stays:

4. Cooking skills
Eating out in the Netherlands can be a rather challenging affair. Not only it’s expensive, good restaurants are very hard to come by. When it does, there’s always some cons like long waiting time aside the high cost. Best is to cook yourself even though you’ve never cook.

5. Bicycle
Cycling is one of the best way to get around. Remember it’s a flat country. It’s very safe following dedicated cyclist lanes. Watch out if walking. Drivers can be very reckless and dangerous.

6. Sense of humour
In my book, Netherlands can be a very dull, cold, and depressing place. Totally opposite from Australia’s sunny cloudless sky, warm and laid back attitude. Keep your chin up, stay bright and keep up the sense of humour.