I love to write and shares stories. After purchasing the Galaxy Note tablet that comes with a nice pen, scribbling & writing become so much fun!

I am a nature lover (animals, trees…), creativity (craft, cooking…), games and sports.

I’m a Penangite, from a little island in Malaysia. I have been living abroad for nearly 5 years now.

Currently, I am living in the Netherlands – not fond of the cold & damp climate. Previously, I lived two years in Sydney, Australia – lovely blue skies & beaches! However, I never stayed there in Summer. You will probably know the answer if you knew about the Australian summer heat. It can get to 45 degree Celsius! That aside, I love Australia, the outback, the laid back & friendly people, and the great weather. Netherlands seems like the opposite of Australia. I thought only the season is opposite in polarity due to the opposite hemisphere. However, the same applies to people, culture, & the weather. In addition to all that, I find shopping experience in the Netherlands simply lacking compared to most countries I have visited – Germany, UK, Japan, China, Italy, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Sweden and of course the US. So, I’m very disappointed with Netherlands in this respect.

I hope to keep up at least one blog a day or max a week 🙂


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