I live with chronic backpain

I had many bad falls while skiing in Austria, everytime when my boyfriend kept shouting, “STOP!!!!”. I asked him why he does that and he said he doesn’t know. That was the start of acute pain which lasted until now. That was in March/April of 2010. I went for the chinese chiropractor in Penang and got better – didn’t feel any sharp pain.

Then, in my first winter in the Netherlands, I fell 4-5 times while cycling on the street. I was very careful at first but then my boyfriend said that I should just cycling as per normal. That’s how they happened.

People who doesn’t suffer from chronic and severe back pain do not understand as it is a very complicated medical condition which involves the nervous system and the spine. They said that it is just in the imagination and it is also psychological. I do not wish that they experience the pain and discomfort I have to go through but perhaps I do hope that they will have a glimpse of what I suffer at such young age. I am not the type that kept complaining. I have a very high pain threshold but what I am going through is agony. HELL. It is useless to hope. I can only pray that I will learn to ignore all these in-compassionate and self-centered people.