Goodbye Netherlands!

After living and working in the Netherlands for 2.5 years, it’s time to say goodbye and plan for a new start. This year I plan to get married and seek for a job that I like. I hope to settle down soon. It’s a bit uncertain since we still have not decided on the country yet. So far, Germany seems to be in favor. However, there are factors such as jobs and language to be considered. My fiance still has a year or more to go in his contract with a Dutch company. As my residence status expires in a month after I resign from my job, I won’t be allowed to stay in the Netherlands even if I want to but of course I wouldn’t want to. I resolved to flee from this cold country. Don’t get me wrong. Some Dutch like my colleagues and neighbours are real nice but there are others who are terribly rude, cold, insensitive or simply impossible. Also, the non-ergonomic and non-conducive working environment is taking its toll on my health and well-being. It’s not an easy decision to make. Nevertheless, as the doctor says, l still have many years ahead and need to the care of my health.

Anyway, l am made for the warm, not the cold. I need warm people, warm food and relatively warmer environment. Neither the Dutch or myself are made for each other. Wish everyone a Happy New Year 2013! All the best wishes for this year! Cheers!


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